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Celeste Parke's acupuncture skills and experience are extensive, and I believe the treatments I have received from her are having a positive impact on my health and my well-being. Specifically, Celeste's focus on my lower back relieved much of the pain that plagued me in that area for years. In addition, Celeste has been providing a mix of acupuncture and massage to relax my muscles and increase circulation throughout my body. I feel revitalized after these treatments, and I believe they are helping to keep me active and alert. Celeste Parke earns my highest recommendation, and my personal gratitude.

-- Dr. J. Robert Beyster

After suffering for years with constant arthritis pain I turned to acupuncture as a last resort. I was fearful of the needles and the mystery. I got immediate relief, it was like a miracle. I continue my treatments with Celeste, whose confident, compassionate professionalism allows me to live a better and pain free life.
--Linda T.

I went to see Celeste during my last trimester of pregnancy for general discomforts - back pain, fatigue & anxiety. Her office is very serene and relaxing and her touch is very gentle. I immediately felt at ease in her care. If I hadn't moved to N. California, I would definitely still be seeing her on a regular basis. I would highly recommend her!
-Jenna D.

Celeste brought me back to life after a devastating illness. She designs a program using acupuncture, nutrition and Chinese medicine for each individual. Her manner is very compassionate and caring and she listens to you. My back pain, sinus issues, migraines, depression and arthritis are gone! I am off all medications and feeling better than I have in 10 years!
-Connie P.

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